Monday, February 14, 2005

AutoPublisher Blog Revolution Pre-Launch

TrackBack to Relevant Blogs

If you are currently blogging, you should also be utilizing the TrackBack feature to drive targeted traffic back to your site.

There seems to be confusion among many bloggers about TrackBacks - how to do it, what it is, etc. Bascially, the TrackBack is a system implemented by many blogging tools that allows a blogger to see who has seen one of their posts and written another entry concerning it.

The way it works is that a 'ping' is sent from one blog to the other, which generates a TrackBack.

Visit for more details.

Then visit


RSS AutoPublisher autoresponder system is a state
of the art technology solution that enables you to
broadcast messages & deliver scheduled follow-up
messages to your subscribers via RSS.

Your Subscribers can be using any RSS reader
aggregator they like.

Here's Why: RSS AutoPublisher is so Important.

> It's an open terrain you can get in on now

> It's another publishing solution along with email
marketing that can double, triple, or even quadruple your

> You can RSS your way into My Yahoo - Yahoo's new RSS

> You can move ahead NOW while other marketers are still
blissfully un-aware or inactive in RSS & Blogging

Did you get that last one???

That's YOUR cue to get into RSS & Blogging ahead of others
while the gold rush is still on.

So don't say I didn't tell you so,
How many more things like this will come along again soon?

I mentioned some great resources to you and these are not to
be overlooked...

These links are
RSS/Blogging learning tools. And they're rising quickly up in
Google ratings. This gives you an idea of just how much
in demand these tools are.

Learn More at any of these RSS/Blogging

I don't know about you... but I'm doing my RSS/Blog planning
right now! (More to be announced coming up)


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