Monday, August 29, 2005

Internet Broadcast Directory

  • - provides tools to create, publish, and experience media content. Allows users to create their own online radio or to listen to radio stations created by others.
  • Singingfish - multimedia search engine for audio and video files. Also licenses streaming media and multimedia search services.
  • Streaming Media World - offers media player reviews, news, tools, tutorials, discussion forums, and links devoted to streaming video, audio, MP3, and multimedia.
  • - industry-oriented site that provides news and business intelligence, and covers strategic and technological developments.
  • - provides webcast software, hosting, a directory of live streaming webcams, and chat.
  • Streambox - provider of advanced compression technology, inclusing video-on-demand.
  • VitalStream Streaming Media - managed servers hosting service provider offering solutions for streaming media distribution including streaming audio, video, and encoding.
  • Live On The Net - event webcasting including multi-camera feeds, chats featuring video images of the chatting celebrity, 360-degree panoramic live picture views of venues, and more.
  • (AMEX:IAO) - offers video on demand through its product, vTOOB.
  • iBeam Broadcasting - utilizes a satellite-based network to deliver streaming audio and video content to ISPs.
  • Dalet Digital Media Systems - offering tools that allow journalists and producers to gather multimedia content and broadcast it over digital radio, wireless portals, the Internet, and interactive TV.
  • GlobalStreams - provides customized solutions that enable companies to produce, present, and deliver broadcasts via cable, satellite, and the Internet.
  • - offers streaming webcam software and live directory.
  • SkyStream Networks, Inc. - enables broadcasters to inject Internet content into a secure broadcast transmission stream, using the existing network of a satellite, cable, and digital broadcast service provider.
  • ITV.Net - MPEG Video NetCasting with StreamWorks, VDOLive, FreeVue, CU-seeme, Free World Dialup, and IPhone. Live Internet Concerts.
  • Virtual Spectator - pay-per-view online coverage of a variety of sporting events.
  • - Web conferencing, streaming media, and interactive broadcasting services enabling businesses to do presentations and events worldwide via the Internet.
  • Cidera, Inc. - devoted to the implementation and operation of high-speed satellite datacasting systems for the movement of Web content, among other applications. Formerly SkyCache, Inc.
  • STARBAK Communications, Inc. - developers of streaming engines that deliver Windows Media Technology and RTSP streams under UNIX variants, and an H.323 videconferencing to streaming media gateway.
  • - offers Web presentations on-demand, Webcasting, streaming presentations, business communications, and streaming PowerPoint.
  • Community Vstream - realtime and archived streamed video and audio hosting service. A product of Community Internet.
  • EyeWonder - provides streaming video and audio technology for online broadcasting and rich media advertising without downloading media players or plug-ins.
  • - provides webcam video broadcasting and communication services for individuals, businesses, and organizations.
  • Digital WebCast - industry news about webcasting, product information, feature stories, tutorials, and more.
  • ConnectLive Webcast Services - offers mission-critical live and on-demand webcasting for corporate and government customers.
  • - provides streaming media technology which enables the delivery of live and on-demand audio and video content directly to desktops.
  • E-Business Network - Internet broadcast network produces broadband e-business shows with live chat, reports, and interactive viewing.
  • Visual Data Corporation (Nasdaq:ONSM) - business services provider specializing in providing webcasting services and networking solutions to corporations, government agencies, and other organizations.
  • Wild West Media - offers live video streaming, Internet broadcasting, CD-ROM mastering, rich media advertising, and multimedia production.
  • Netbriefings - specializes in corporate communications webcasting. Services include web presentations with teleconferencing, streaming audio, video, and more.
  •, Inc - Internet broadcast and streaming media solutions provider for businesses, organizations, associations, and events.
  • - provides audio broadcasting and listening tools for creating content for websites.
  • Bang Networks, Inc. - provides technologies for enabling real-time broadcasting and updates over the Internet. Developers of a specialized routing device for scalable real-time connectivity.
  • CastUP Network - adds streaming video and audio to sites.
  • INSINC - provides a suite of services and software designed for interactive netcasting and communication needs.
  • MaxxStream - streaming audio equipment that integrates capture, processing, and encoding into one workstation.
  • VideoDome Networks - provides corporate and enterprise level digital media management and publishing services for the entertainment, new media, and corporate industries.
  • Mindsnare Encoding - offers full streaming media services including hosting, live event webcasting, and hardware solutions.
  • Livecast - provider of products and services for planning, producing, and promoting live events on the Internet.
  • - produces and hosts streaming media.


    Tony aka MediaResearcher said...

    This is a great list of broadcast resources - thanks for compiling!

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