Monday, August 21, 2006

How could your Profit from Dell's Explosion?

Subject: Dell Battery Explosions...bad for everyone?
Subject: How could your Profit from Dell's Explosion?

Check this out. I just learned about this from Brad at INO

First of all, if you own a Dell Computer please visit this link to see if your battery is at risk! (

Second, we need to examine how this disaster could have turned into D0LLARS for us! Heard of “Defensive Position Trading”? Basically it's covering your position at all times to ensure that you are covered in case of a horrible the one Dell's been in for the past 10 months!

Want to learn how to be a Defensive Position Trader? Then watch this movie TODAY.

Profit from Dell's Explosion

The movie predicted, through technical analysis (not exploding batteries), that Dell was in a downward spiral, and if you were a Defensive Position Trader you would have been in a profitable position for a long time!

This movie shows you step by step how to use technical analysis (not bad news) to spot the insiders selling off this stock to the point of where it is today! Following the inside traders is how you'll benefit and this new movie explains in detail how you can do that same Insider Trading Spotting.

You will learn how to cover the markets and PR0FIT when it starts to hit a downward slide. Watch the movie, be the judge yourself, and learn how you can benefit and FIND those downward spirals.

Profit from Dell's Explosion

Best of Luck,

PS. If you need more movies like this just ask...I have a contact on the inside who can get them for me on ANY topic!

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