Tuesday, February 27, 2007

MKI's Trade Innovation System

TradeVisionary News looks at the top trade innovators on the market.

Without policy intervention of Intellectual Property Rights protection
private agents would suffer insufficient incentive to undertake investment in new ideas
that have “good citizen” attributes. Wherever imitation is less costly than innovation,
imitators will have the advantage, unless inventors can restrict the use of their innovation.
TradeVisionary argues for strong IPR protection. But once an innovation is made, its
public good character suggests that its use should be limited as little as possible,
providing an argument for weak IPR protection.

Keep this in mind as TradeVisionary News looks at MKI.

Midas-Kapiti International’s (MKI) international trade finance solution, Trade Innovation, is believed to be the best-selling trade finance system currently on the market, averaging more than 2 new sales per month. During the last twelve months, 26 banks have purchased Trade Innovation for use in 30 different locations.

John Franck, Product Marketing Manager for Trade Innovation, points out, "In terms of customer base, Trade Innovation is now the fastest-growing system on the market, having been licensed by 90 banks for installation in 119 sites worldwide. 30% of the world’s Top 50 banks use Trade Innovation in one or more of their major international offices, and sales continue to increase, particularly to banks operating in the major financial centres of New York, London, Frankfurt, Singapore and Tokyo."

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