Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Google MeltDown Freaks Out Tech World

Subject: Did someone ring the bell on GOOGLE?

What happened? Did the world change overnight?

How did this once darling of the tech world implode and slide into one of
the most dramatic meltdowns in tech history.


Is it all over for Google? Has Google experienced it's 15 minutes of fame?

Have some of the largest mutual funds in the industry thrown in the towel
on Google?

Here's what we do know. Google is going to remain a force in online
advertising and search.

This from AP

By MICHAEL LIEDTKE, AP Business Writer Tue Feb 26, 4:45 PM ET

SAN FRANCISCO - The U.S. economy is wheezing so badly that even Internet
power Google Inc. and its once-robust stock is looking haggard.

The focus on Google's recent deterioration sharpened Tuesday as investors
reacted to the latest evidence indicating fewer people in the United States are clicking on the
Internet ads that generate most of the online search leader's profits.

The unsettling trend, captured in a closely followed report from Internet
research firm com Score Inc., shoved Google shares to an 11-month low. The drop extended a slump that has lowered the Mountain View-based company's market value by 33 percent, or about $70 billion, during the first seven weeks of the year. The tech-laden Nasdaq composite index has
declined by 12 percent during the same stretch.

Google is also going to be a great trading instrument now, and into the future.

Check out our new 5 minute video on Google and see how MarketClub's "Trade
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