Tuesday, May 06, 2008

INO Trend Analysis Tool

How are you enjoying our nifty little trend analysis tool?

We hope it's working well for you ... but did you know you that you are only seeing half the picture?

You see, the Trend Analysis tool you are using is only a small component of a much bigger system that has produced consistent profits in the Stocks, Futures, Precious Metals and Foreign Exchange markets.

In fact, had you been using our full program along with a simple filtering technique, you could have weeded out bad trades and enjoyed profits in the last 12 months. These short videos explain how:

Crocs - Love the shoes - shorted the stock.

Google - Catching the big moves in this juggernaut

Bear Stearns - How to avoid disasters

Gold - How to make money trading gold.

Crude Oil - How to make money trading in crude oil.

Trading - Here's a nifty trading tool you can use today.

Every day we track 238,117 symbols to find winning trades for our members. We do this not only for the U.S./Canadian stock markets, but also for Futures, ETFs, Precious Metals and the biggest market in the world, Foreign Exchange.

Now 238,117 symbols is a lot of data to scan and crunch every few minutes, but that̢۪s what you have to do when your goal is to be the best of the best.

After we zip thru all 238,117 symbols, we laser focus in on a hand full of choices. We then automatically generate specific signals using MarketClub's "Trade Triangle" technology to find winning trades. MarketClub members tell us they love this part of our program.

Now here's the question... why shouldn't you have the same tools, or in this case better tools than the big boys on Wall Street, LaSalle Street and Bay Street? Why should they get all of the good trades?

Here's your opportunity to access the very same tools that we used to outperform all the hedge funds for the past 12 months.

We could go on and on but look what MarketClub members have to say about their own personal experiences using MarketClub.


I've been trading the markets for 30 + years, mostly with mutual funds and more recently with ETFs. It seems like it used to be easier to figure out patterns, but over the last 5 + years it had has been increasingly difficult for me to ascertain the trend, or whether the market was sideways. The resulting whipsaws cost me money and stagnated my trading. I now feel like I'm back on track and making money again. Those triangles sure do work and I really like your daily tutorials. I'm grateful for all the tools at MarketClub.

-Bob, Idaho

I agree with this gentleman's approach to using MarketClub to weed out the best of the best in my subscription. I have been able to consistently beat the market with minimum risk and maximum reward since subscribing to MarketClub. I would not drop my subscription-as it provides the research I am not willing or competent to do. Together I have a winning combo. Thanks again!

-Terry, California

Hello, my name is Luis Nicolau, soory my english, Im 24 years old and im from Guadalajara Mexico, the land of tequila and mariachi. Im writing you to coment my nice experience using market club to trade commodities, the way am doing it its geting in to te market with almost all the daily signals, no mather all the chart. I have a register for all the signals with principals commodities and the performance its amazin im ataching you the file with all the historial. im very happy because with this instrument my trading peroformance increase very considerable, actualy now the only commoditie i trade by my self and my own analisis its mexican peso, all the other commodities i trade it with market club thats great because in other way i just cant deversify my investment.

Thank you very much

Luis Nicolau. Mexico


To the MarketClub Team: WE LOVE YOU!!! You guys are literally "on the money" every single time. I cannot express how grateful we (my family and I) are for your service, your lessons and your accuracy. Your technology's ability to pinpoint entry and exit points throughout various markets is truly remarkable. Furthermore, your ability allows novice investors as myself to dive into commodities, futures and forex which leads to more trading opportunities and diversification for better risk management! Thank you for all of your work and your commitment to the little guy!

-Eric, NA

If you are happy with our parent company's free Trend Analysis tool, great!

But, if you would like to see the FULL PICTURE and see what you've been missing, then go here.


Thanks for using INO.com's Trend Analysis tool and every success in the future.

The INO.com Team

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