Monday, April 06, 2009

Retrenchment Likely Monday April 6

  • S&P 500 can't see enough money to feed stocks' rally: Must read (Bloomberg)
  • Mike Mayo says bank loan losses will exceed great depression levels, slashes bank sector ratings (Bloomberg)
  • Deflation in Europe accelerates (HT reader anonymous: Bloomberg)
  • Evans-Pritchard: Swiss slide into deflation next chapter in global crisis (Telegraph)
  • Tim Geithner brings the Enron Death Star strategy global: Must read (Rortybomb)
  • IBM - Sun deal talks stall (FT)
  • At D.E. Shaw, Larry Summer worked just one day a week (NYT)
  • Altman: this will not be a normal traditional depression (FT)
  • Implications of copper's declining demand (Bloomberg)
  • Samuelson: China engages in dollar deception (WaPo)
  • Putin plans $90 billion stimulus plan [ed. where is all this money coming from?] (Bloomberg)
  • Japan: time for return to QE [oh whatever, let's just all print money] (FT)
  • Another opinion: Greenspan not to blame for housing crisis (Forbes)
  • Largest winning streak since 1933 (B.I.G.)
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