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Forex Keyword Elite Secrets Exposed

Hey, You gotta check this out. This Nut is going to do a $1 million challenge and put it all on video.

Video Guide to Forex Gold - TV Ad Profit System

This is unheard of in the Forex Industry, no one has every tried to prove they can make $1 million off $10k balance. It's gonna be interesting to see how it turns out.  Slight catch, it's only available to Forex Signal Mentors customers.

But that's not all, FSM is jammed packed with videos that show 12 of the most powerful day trading strategies he's ever used and never revealed before now!

The Mini forex course was designed for those who need an alternative to their current 9-5, with no experience. Watch any of the strategies and one can start within 5 minutes of watching the video.

These strategies have produced him and many of his clients millions of dollars over the past 11 years and he's going to show you how it's done.

I gotta say, this guy is completely nuts, the price tag is so low, it's worth way way way more than that.

I asked him why is it so inexpensive. He said:

"I'm not in it for the money, I have money. It's about helping people who are in need for extra income and I would like as many people to learn these strategies as possible and get out of the this spot our Govt' has left us in."

Take action today

Video Guide to Forex Gold - TV Ad Profit System

To your success,

William D. Whetstone


If you're completely new to this stuff, Options are where you trade Stock symbols such as Google, Microsoft, etc.

Commodity trading is where you trade things like: Orange, Coffee, Gold, and what have you.

Foreign Currencies is where you trade a countries currency against another countries currency based on economic news affairs. For instance:

GBP/USD: This means... GBP vs USD: Great Britain Pound vs United States Dollar.

When United States have bad News Data which comes out daily, Mon - Fri, then the GBP/USD pair will go up in price.

When Great Britain have bad News Data, the GBP/USD pair will come down in price. When both have good or bad, you'll tend to see the pair go sideways, i.e., the prices do not go up or
down by a large amount. Other pairs such as GBP/JPY will move a considerable amount instead. If this sounds foreign to you, again, excuse the punn :-) don't worry, all this is explained
in the Forex Signal Mentorship Program, if you're interested in learning more.

But what I am going to show you, is how to trade the GOLD! You only need to learn 3 things.

1) Where to place support and resistance levels.
2) How to open a trade and place the appropriate settings
3) How to close a trade if take profit levels haven't been hit.

Now, I will be sending you an email WHEN the signal appears and give you instructions on when to Buy or Sell Gold AND when to close it.

If you live in USA, or Canada, or have access to Channel 21, TNT, then you will be able to do these signals yourself, but in any case, I'll still  be sending you an email when to buy
or sell the Gold.

If you do not have Channel 21, TNT. Or you live outside North & South America, you don't need to worry.

Here's a link you can visit and watch Channel 21, TNT... LIVE!

Now you may find that when you visit this page it will beoffline... Don't worry if you don't have Channel 21, TNT. Keep checking back and it'll come online.

Again, in any case, you'll still get an email from me letting you know.

The Secret Sauce ================

Around 2pm to 10pm you'll see an advert on Channel, 21 for Cash4Gold.com

Pay close attention to it.

I stumbled across this by accident, and I happened to be trading the Gold any way based on various other signals that arisen. About 10-30 minutes later, Gold went up. I thought it
was just a coincidence.

A week or so later, another advert. Cash4gold.com was offering 10% at the time as extra bonus when you send them your Gold Jewelry. And yes you guessed it, Gold went up again over the
course of the day.

I was like... uhmm, I wonder...

Now I have Channel 21, TNT on all the time since I like watching "Bones", and various other Drama Forensic Episodes.

When another Advert came on, I opened a demo trading account which allows you to trade in a simulated live trading environment so you can practice before going to a live cash account.

ALWAYS RECOMMENDED, to try strategies out fist on a demo account before applying your strategies to a live cash account.

What I found was, when buying Gold, the trade didn't go into profit straight away, but this would depend on how quick you apply the buy trade as the advert comes on, if you wait about
10-30 minutes or so after the advert, it'll be pretty close to hitting a profit status off the bat.

If the trade does go into a negative status, there's no need to panic, trust me, it'll go up! These guys are not in the game to lose money. Their tactic is this:

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know how to find the price of gold, one can just enter "Gold Price" in the search engine. When the viewer receives this information on how much
Gold is, it'll entice them to send Cash4Gold.com their Gold Jewelry, of course if they're in need of some extra cash, or just simply don't want their Jewelry any more.

Now, Cash4Gold.com was initially offering 10% extra bonus.

A month or so later, they started to offer 20% bonus.

I was like... uhmm (yup, I say that a lot...lol), this guy knows something... Why would he offer a 20% bonus, one would not do that unless they had good reason to. After all, they're in the business to make money.

Guess what? Gold went up from $990.00 per Troy Oz, to $1070.00 per Troy Oz.

I was like, holy smokes batman... I think I found the holy grail, no more having to rack my brains to find good entry and exit signals.

I made over $50k on that trade. Obviously the more money you have in your account the more you can make. I've been in this industry now for 11 years, I've accumulated many,
many hundreds of thousands over the years.

During the last day of October, 2009, and the first few days of November 2009, the advert came on again. Once on Friday before trading closed for the weekend... then again on Monday several times. (I'll explain all this in the video you'll download very shortly).

This time the guy offered 25% extra bonus... I was like WOW.

But I never took the full advantage of it, I only made approx $6k in two trades. If I left the trade open, I would of gained about $40k on each trade! You'll see why when you watch the video.

Download The Video ===============

Ok, what you've been waiting for.

Visit this link:


In this video you will learn how to:

1) Set up a demo account
2) How to place a trade
3) How to place support and resistance levels on the chart.

It's dead simple, I promise!

Practice on a demo account for a while, and once you're happy visit this link to trade on a live account:


You can start for as little as $1.00 on a micro account. $25 on a standard trading account.
$1,000 minimum on a ECN account (which is better because the spread are smaller - spread are the difference between the "Ask" and "Bid" price which is effectively the Brokers

==================== Finishing Note ==================

Ok, if you got to read this far, good on ya!

Expect to receive another email during the course of this month and the months ahead, I can't guarantee when they will be sent, so be sure to add: forexsignalmentor@gmail.com to your spam free white list so you get these sent directly to your inbox.

What would be good is if you set up a Folder in your email program and filter my address directly into that folder, name it say:

"FSM - Gold Alerts"... something that you can recognize. then all the emails will go in that folder as you receive my emails.

If you're not sure how to do this, follow the instructions based on which email you're using, I'll list some common email services:

Yahoo mail:

Visit Windows Mail:



I hope this helps

Speak to you soon.

Loz - FSM 

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