Thursday, March 13, 2008

How to Minimize Risk in Your Stock Trades

The Market Spiked like crazy on Tuesday 3/10/08. A super jump that is not likely to occur again anytime soon. Many said it was simply a relief uptick because stocks have been getting hammered for some time. In this climate the Herd gets paralyzed with fear and does nothing or gets greedy when the market makes a positive move. That's why so many lose their shirts. Does this describe You and Your emotional approach to Trading? C'mon, get over yourself.

Well, there is an alternative to the risky extremes of typical trading behaviors. There really does exist a reliable source to lead you confidently through the turbulent markets. Listen as Adam Hewison spells out the risk reversing nature of MarketClub

Check out this classic explanation of the simple common sense approach to Trading.

These guys are solid and here for the long haul.

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