Wednesday, April 02, 2008

What Your Dollars Worth Forex Analysis Video

Whats the Dollar really worth?
You can't miss this Forex Analysis...
The Truth about the value of the Dollar

The news is that the US currency is losing value day in and day out, but
is it really that weak?

Over the years, Sterling has enjoyed a fairly substantial increase in
value against the US dollar
and was recently trading over the 2.13 level. Presently, we are seeing a
pullback and this cross
appears to be exhibiting signs of a major top. Watch the short video below
to see whats really
driving this market.

Euro Dollar Trade Video

The Euro has continued to batter the Dollar, but with recent political
turmoil upcoming in the US
the time to reevaluate this cross is now. The video below covers the
depths of the EURUSD and how
you should analyze it to see how it affects your stocks and futures trades.

Euro Dollar Trade Video

Enjoy the videos as they will cost you nothing!

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