Wednesday, December 26, 2007

90 Second Stocks

This New video is worth watching: "90 Second Stocks"

How would you like to learn a winning trading system
for stocks in just 90 seconds?

Sound impossible doesn't it?

But, what if it is possible? Imagine how you could benefit
from this knowledge. This is the same knowledge and
understanding that took me years to learn and figure out,
trading in the pits of Chicago.

So how can years of learning how to trade the right way,
be boiled down, and presented in just 90 seconds?

Well the simple answer comes in the form of two geometric triangles.
I call them my "Trade Triangles" and that's exactly what they do,
they spot, and alert you to potentially winning trades.

It is all in my new video, "90 Second Stocks"

Watch it here. No registration required.

I could go on and tell you a lot more about our "Trade Triangle"
but I thought I would let a few of our users tell our story for us.

After you read their stories you can go to
and try a 30 day risk free trial to our service.

It comes with my personal guarantee:

OK, as promised here are just a few "Trade Triangle" testimonials

After learning your "Trade Triangle" system, my profits exploded -
one little change helped me to increase my profits by as much as 100%.
That's a huge improvement for me in only 8 short days!

Joseph Innamorato
New Haven, Connecticut

MarketClub's "Trade Triangles" are valuable even to an old pro like me.
They are a tremendous aid to keeping profits and minimizing losses.
I urge all traders and would-be traders to take advantage of this
wonderful technology.

Manning Stoller
Bedford, MA

Just had to let you know how great "MarketClub" and the
trade triangles are. I haven't been a member long but you saved me
from near disaster more than once. Your signals told me where to
get out (when I normally would have just held on).

As a matter of fact, your (Trade Triangles) helped me more than
double part of my portfolio. I'm still working on the other part, but
feel confident as the signals are very easy to follow. It's quick
and easy to learn. Well worth the cost - even if you just use it to
place stops.

Sandi in Ohio

I appreciate the wonderful tools you have with MarketClub!
Ever since applying your principles my profits have increased 200%
within 3 weeks!

Thanks for your excellent support and service that you provide.

Thanks Again!!

Dear MarketClub,
Your system is fabulous! The "Trade Triangles" enhance a buy choice
and each month the cost of your subscription is covered by the profits
I make by following your system daily. I use MarketClub for both the
market and the stock market - with equal success in making profits.

Thank you for helping me in my retirement years. I could not do it
without you.

Teresa Robinson

After subscribing to your MarketClub/Trade Triangle service, I immediately
saw positive results. Of the 4 information services that I utilize,
MarketClub has delivered the most accurate and reliable information,
the result of which has been a 52% increase in revenue-generating trades.

A.J. Perillo
Las Vegas, Nevada

MarketClub is amazing! It only took a few minutes to learn and start
profiting from it. Other similar subscription products don't offer half
as much as MarketClub and have worked out half was well.
Thank you for a quality product.

William Mok
Hong Kong/China

There are even more testimonials on our website.

With MarketClub and our "Trade Triangle" technology on your side
you will never miss another major move in stocks, futures, precious
metals or foreign exchange.

Thanks for taking the time to read this email. I hope you benefit from
watching "90 Second Stocks" and I look forward to welcoming
you to the MarketClub family.

Adam Hewison
President, of

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